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Sainsbury’s Officially Change Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread

Thanks to the story last week about Lily Robinson sending her letter to Sainsbury's going viral, Sainsbury's have officially changed the name of Tiger to Giraffe Bread…

Remember last week I posted how "Sainsbury's Do Customer Service Like A BOSS" well it appears that since the story went viral in the media, as of yesterday, Sainsbury's have officially changed the name of Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread in their stores…

If you don't know the full story yet then check out the link above, it'll surely make all you ladies go, awwww!

It appears Sainsbury's were so taken back by the whole thing that actually occured way back in May 2011 that they've decided to follow through.

Apparently Chris King, the customer service guy who responded to Lily's original letter, has since left Sainsbury's to attend university to become a primary school teacher… I'm sure he'll do well no doubt.

You gotta admit though, it does have more resemblance… although it took a 3.5 year old child to really point it out the obvious 🙂

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