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SANBS Launches Awesome Ad To Call For Blood Donations… #DOnation [video]

SANBS (The South African National Blood Service) recently launched a new ad as part of a new campaign to urge people to donate blood, making South Africa become a #DOnation

Remember back in our high school days, every once in a while the SANBS would come around and you were given the opportunity to get out of class for a while to donate blood, however a reality it was for you then, maybe it was the credibility of getting a new badge after the 1oth donation, maybe you were like me, a hostel boy who really wanted that juice and a biscuit, but at the end of the day every time you donated, you were saving lives. Now I'll ask you, how many of us haven't done it since high school? I must say, I am guilty myself, as quite honestly, I haven't, but after thinking about it, I would like to change that.Check out this nice 'n light feel good ad...You see, next time you see a blood donation van, think to yourself, "I could save a life today" and if you carry on walking, can you live with the thought that your one pint of blood, could have saved your family member, friend or complete stranger that would be involved in a life threatening accident the next day, the mother that is bleeding to death during the birth of her child leaving a child to be an orphan when you could have prevented that... think about it... yours could be that crucial pint... yours is that crucial pint.The current reserves in South Africa are below 50% with only 2.5 days worth of blood from the normal 5 day reserve... lets just say its in a bad way.If you don't live in South Africa, then do your part and share this on to friends in South Africa. Remember, if someone you know was in a critical condition in desperate need of blood, you'd feel rather helpless and wished you'd helped urge people in SA to donate.... so do the right thing and prevent that from happening.The organisation aims to deconstruct misnomers associated with the donation process, in order to encourage South Africa to become a #DOnation.For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit http://www.sanbs.org.za , tweet @theSANBS or fan the DOnation of heroes here http://www.facebook.com/SANBS

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