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Santam Hits Nando’s For A Six With Spoof Ad Comeback [video]

Santam have released a jaw dropping comeback at Nando's for spoofing their ad… oh dear, you HAVE to see this!

So last week Nando's released an ad called Nando's Options, when I first saw it I thought it was pretty clever as to be quite honest, it got me. However obviously due to not seeing South African quality broadcasting in quite sometime, I had no idea of the "spoof factor" behind it where it was actually a "remake" of an ad that Santam ran a while ago… thanks to my boi, Savage, all came to light with one swift knock of a bat.

So just yesterday, Santam weighed in with their response… I've gotta say,WOW!, absolute sheer brilliance, you wouldn't have thought they'd have it in them to smack the marketing genius of Nando's for six runs, completely out of the park!

Now to bring you up to speed, here is the original Santam ad starring Ben Kingsley… ja, I had to check twice at that one too…

Now in comes the Nando's version…

And then Santam drops the bomb….trust me, you'll never see it coming!

BOOM! :)

Eish, I hate to say it to our boys over at Nando's but… the "cocks" ticking :)

High five to all those involved :)

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