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Shit South Africans Say [VIDEO]

Check out this Shit People Say video entitled, Shit South Africans Say...

There's a trend thats been going on for a while now where people create videos called "Shit ____ Say". If you hadn't noticed then you probably haven't noticed this thing called Youtube and quite possibly that thing called the internet, in which case, there's no hope for you, really 🙂 

The videos contain a bunch of clips of well, the shit a particular group of people commonly say. The topic is obviously quite broad and at times really really lame but at other times quite entertaining.

So my boi Guy MacDonald and a few chommies got together and put this video together entitled.... Shit South Africans Say... trust me, you'll be rather amused... one word though... only people from Cape Town say "Lank" 🙂

Check it out, you will no doubt want to share this 🙂

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