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Walkers Fish and Chips

Simba seems to follow Walkers with weird flavours

Not long ago you may remember when Walker's brought out some really odd flavoured chips…  You'll remember that "Builder's Breakfast" was voted as the best flavour which they said they'd keep… It seems Simba is following suite as if good old Salt and Vinegar, Tomato Sauce or Smoked Beef are just too boring these days…

To be quite honest, when Walker's did bring out those odd flavours I tried one and never went any further with the whole thing.
The reason being is that The Phreak introduced me to one flavour, namely this…

Now for those that did have the pleasure of tasting these will probably remember the event quite well, and for those that didn't, well here's a bit of a description of what they tasted like…

Take a good sized fish, leave it outside on the wall in the sun for a few days and let the birds peck at it a bit, then leave it to rot at the bottom of your dustbin for a couple weeks letting all the rotten smelly liquid bits of festering waste seep and soak into the carcass… after about 2 weeks take it out from the bottom of your bin and give it one nice big wet lick… yup! thats what it pretty much tasted like… I wasn't even going to go near Cajun Squirrel after that…..

Now I know in the past Simba has brought out some interesting flavours which you probably wouldn't even twice before scoffing your way through them… I'm talking about Steer's Spare Rib flavour and Biltong flavour…

But excuse me when I say this but….

What the Fuck is this… ??? haha 🙂

I remember from wayyyy back in the school days when we used to buy Vetkoek from the tuck shop, it came with either mince or syrup (never combined)… but polony??? You sure you don't wanna throw the pigs eye in there aswell for decoration 🙂

Wait for it….


No… wait for it…


ONLY IN SA! haha 🙂

Check out their other flavours here… quite amusing… Something tells me that Snoek and Atchar may very well fit the same recipe and description above regarding Walker's Fish and Chips flavour… but I'll you be the judge… Do me a favour, go out and buy a packet and then YouTube your reaction when you first taste them  ðŸ™‚

[Thanks Eyelinerboy]

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