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Siri Gets Caught Up In An Argument Between A Husband and Wife

Since the release of the Apple iPhone 4S, the world has been a buzz with Siri the seemingly quite intelligent voice control system on the 4S that is pretty much like having your own personal assistant... well almost 🙂 Voice control is nothing new really but I guess it's safe to say that Siri takes it to a whole new level...

People have been posting videos all over Youtube over themselves telling or asking Siri to do some strange things like... even asking Siri for a blow job.... really now....

But then there comes a time when someone comes up with a pretty decent idea which is somewhat hilarious and very well done at the same time...

Watch how poor Siri gets stuck in the middle of a domestic between a husband and wife... EISH! 🙂

I get my iPhone 4S in a couple days when my contract with my current network finally expires, so I can move to a network that isn't currently "overloaded"... no guesses who that is right? 🙂

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