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Snow Expected In Durban On Sunday!

Yes, is expected in , on Sunday 14th August 2011 with temperatures set to drop drastically from Saturday to a whopping 3 degress then warming up to 9 degrees on Sunday with showers… Best you get your snowboards out…. if you actually have one

If you have an , take a look at you weather forecast app, the forecast data is provided by Yahoowho you'd expect to be a credible source, however I've got my doubts on this one… maybe they are expecting some kind of climatic phenomenon… but hey, it did in fact snow on Table Mountain last week…

Ja…To be honest, I stopped believing my default weather app a long time ago… these days I go straight to the source with my MET Office App 🙂

They even have it on the website


Thanks Yahoo, the world is a little bit more dumber because of you


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