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Snowboarding Through NYC [Video]

WATCH: Snowboarding through NYC, Snowboarding with the NYPD... exactly what it says on the tin... Filmmakers take advantage of the snow and travel ban in New York City to go snowboarding...

On any other day snowboarding through NYC streets may be a little far-fetched, but a bunch of opportunistic filmmakers have taken full advantage of the current travel ban in New York City to get some pretty damn awesome footage of them literally being towed on a snowboard through the streets of New York including Times Square... obvs :).Youtube video makers Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens got a small team together armed with not much else but GoPro on a stick, a DJI Phantom drone, a ski tow rope and a horse in the form of Jeep, to shove its way through the snow-covered streets of Manhattan and hit the streets to grab some epic and not everyday footage cruising around as if Manhattan was just one big giant snow park... which is pretty much exactly what it is right now.Naturally there is only one soundtrack that could possibly have been used for such epicness through the streets of New York, New York 🙂 (see what I did there haha 🙂 ).The video will have you gagging to want to do the same and surely it's probably going to spark a few copy cats, but one of the best parts is right at the end when they get pulled over by the cops...listen carefully 🙂Now how is that for absolutely flippen awesome? There's no need to spoil some fun now is there haha 🙂The video is going apocalyptic viral and racked up over a million views in just a few hours!Absolutely top shelf! Brilliant! really really cool!Nice work boys!Also, check out the making of / behind the scenes video on the next page... its pretty interesting.Watch Video

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