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So Was The Olympic Closing Ceremony A Massive Display Of Illuminati Symbols?

There's a pic doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment showing striking similarities between what is said to be a Freemasons / Illuminati emblem, and a picture taken during the climax of the Olympic Closing Ceremony in London on Sunday evening...

I'll leave you to decide... what are your thought's on this?

From Facebook: "The ENTIRE Olympic tradition is an ILLUMINATI tradition. The carrying of the torch, the lighting of the cauldron, the design of the stadium, the logo, the one eyed mascots, the HUGE SATANIC RITUALS they performed.. Its ALL ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM. If you look at this picture and still don't see it, you're fuckin BLIND."

For the not very up to speed on secret societies front...and if you don't know who the Illuminati are... you may remember them being mentioned in Dan Brown books like "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" and there's always Wikipedia to the rescue...Pretty freaky resemblance though ey... what you reckon? comment below...

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