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So What’s The Deal With KONY 2012

No doubt if you glanced at Facebook yesterday you would have no doubt seen a multitude of posts regarding KONY 2012, and the likely hood that you've spent the time watching the video by now is extremely high. So whats the deal with the whole Joseph Kony palava? 

KONY 2012 is a campaign launched by a group called Invisible Children calling for action to be taken to arrest a Ugandan Warlord called Joseph Kony, don't worry, in all honesty I hadn't even heard of the oke until today, which can be forgiven since this is one of the main aims of the video, to make him known to all those that hadn't ever heard his name before. Naturally I made an appointment with the one that knows all, "Wikipedia" straight away to find out who exactly this oke is, after all with many viral campaigns these days using mind bending marketing tactics, you can't just believe anything you see. As for ol' Joseph, he's done some pretty hectic things in the last twenty something years. He and his army called the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), (yes, he is not some one you say "you and whose army" to) were running around Uganda at one stage killing, abducting and raping children in their thousands (est. 66 000). A very large percentage of the kids he abducted, he forced to become AK47 bearing Child Soldiers (remember Blood Diamond?) and a lot of the time made them kill their own parents, neighbours etc. So he's a bit of a sick freakshow.

The video itself has gone completely viral raking up monstrous amounts of views which is sitting at 12.8million views on YouTube right now, after being uploaded just 2 days ago, it packs a very powerful message that is a definite must watch, so powerful that this is nothing like the world has ever seen from a viral aspect... in fact, watch it right now if you haven't seen it yet...

Pretty hectic hey!

Although this is a massive drive to rein this oke in, it is believe that his army has weakened and he's not much of the war load that he was years ago now cruising around Sudan with an army that is a fraction of the size it used to be,nonetheless apparently there's not that much kak going on Uganda these days in relation to what it was like in the past, but I guess regardless of that, he still needs to pay the price for the crimes he committed against humanity. The US government didn't forget about Osama Bin Laden after he managed to climb his way up the Hide 'n Seek Champions League for 10 years. So yes, I totally agree that he needs to be brought to justice, however one thing that is plaguing my mind about this whole thing is, this is someone who's been doing this under the general public radar for a long time,compared to dictators such as Mugabe and Gaddafi who have done things in plain sight for decades, don't you think he's a bit of a small fry has been? As an African I guess I have a lot more insight and understand in the ongoings in Africa, even though I hadn't heard of this oke before, however I certainly hope that if the world is successful at bringing Joseph Kony to justice, that it doesn't stop there, it needs to continue onto the bigger fish such as Robert Mugabe, if the world can finally jump up and force governments to going in Ghost Recon style, and help to finally take this oke out, then the world needs to realise what its capable of and start cleaning up, starting with our friend Bob... after all, he is The Last Dictator Standing 🙂

Now obviously after I dug around a bit (as I do) there have been some concerns raised on the other side of the fence, such as in this Washington Post article and this blog post that does leave a bit to be desired. Since releasing my Rhino video I've become quite wary of how charities operate and where money gets spent, however, lets not be blinded by the fact that whoever supports this campaign, wants to simply go in and extract the target, and bring him to justice in honour of those whose lives he destroyed, not go in spending billions and blow the whole place up...

Africa is a place with huge problems that sadly the rest of the world never really hear about, this is just one of the very many, this cannot all just disappear when Joseph Kony is somewhere desperately trying not to drop the soap. If anything I'm glad this is sparking awareness and hopefully many people will start asking a lot of questions such as, I wonder what else is going on in Africa that we can help with... 

Bob, start packing your suitcase boet, because if this thing flies and it continues on such a scale, I have a feeling you'll be in one of the top spots on the list 🙂

Check out Kony2012.com for more info... don't just get involved because everyone else is, educate yourself and find out more to arm yourself for bigger changes for the better.

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