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Burry And Cherise Stander
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Some Great Advice From Burry Stander’s Wife Cherise On The Anniversary Of His Death [Video]

Top South African Mountain biker, Burry Stander was tragically killed in an accident involving his bicycle and a minibus taxi three years ago today, his wife Cherise, recently published a video giving some great thought provoking advice...

I still remember listening to Ballz Radio three years ago so vividly as if it was yesterday, when Johnny Walland broke the news that South African Mountain Biking Legend, 25-year-old, Burry Stander had been tragically killed whilst out training in Shelley Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. The accident occurred when it was alleged that a Toyota Quantum minibus taxi made an illegal turn across a solid barrier line across Burry Stander's path, which caused a collision. The driver of the taxi has since been found guilty of Culpable Homicide, (I don't think I need to explain to any South African what that means these days) and according to News24 received the following sentence:
Port Shepstone Magistrate, Charmaine Barnard reportedly said Taxi Driver, Nyawose acted with gross negligence when he turned his taxi over a solid line. “The accused showed a wilful disregard for a traffic sign in a congested road and overtook vehicles in front of him,” said Barnard. Nyawose was sentenced to six years, with three years suspended for five years on condition that he was not convicted of culpable homicide in the period of suspension, according to the report. On the charge that he failed to obey a traffic sigh, Barnard reportedly imposed a fine of R5 000 or three months in prison. The magistrate found that the cyclist had not been negligent in his actions. She also cancelled Nyawose’s licence.
Recently Burry Stander's wife, Cherise Stander, released a short video giving great thought-provoking advice that you'll no doubt find quite interesting.Watch Video

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