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Burry And Cherise Stander
Burry and Cherise Stander pic: http://burrystander.typepad.com

Some Great Advice From Burry Stander’s Wife Cherise On The Anniversary Of His Death [Video]

 Personally, I'll put my hand up and say, like many drivers, thanks to a few road rule neglecting dickhead cyclists, I've not always been a massive fan of cyclists on the road whilst driving, it's as if, on many occasions you tend to automatically feel a sense of defensiveness when you approach them since, also on many occasions, some of the cyclists I previously described, can be a bit on the aggressive side, even when the issue was very much their fault would you believe it. However it wasn't until after many years of not riding a bicycle, I participated in the London to Brighton Cycle Ride for the J9 Foundation UK at the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015. My initial views and attitude to cyclists changed completely, I can honestly say I felt very uneasy at times being very vulnerable on the open road with cars passing at speed (although drivers were accommodating for the most part which was very much appreciated), it did make me realise why cyclists may come across as rather tense because of the heightened sense of danger... and this is coming from someone who has walked from Johannesburg to Durban also for the J9 Foundation, having to deal with the dangers of that, eg. trucks trying to overtake each other at 100kph on a single carriageway with little to absolutely no regard, but at least with walking I could jump out of the way as I did on a number of occasions, not so much the case when you're on a bicycle. Since then I have a new found respect for cyclists on the road, and do understand their hostility to drivers at times, however, this by no means justifies breaking the rules as a minority of cyclists seem to think they are way above.So if you are one of those drivers like I used to be, take the time to understand the other side and get on a bike and ride. Now in case you are wondering why on earth, you'd want to do that? Yes, it ultimately it is a great experience and its great fun, but whilst having that fun you do learn a lot of what cyclists experience which will no doubt cause a shift in your mindset...don't believe me? Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? As Cherise explained, if road users work towards a better mutual respect between motorists and cyclists then slowly but surely the current negative will eventually move into more of a positive which is better for both cyclists and motorists, but this starts with a single cyclist and a single motorist. So next time you see a cyclist, cut them some slack, give them a very noticeable amount of space so that they notice it, you may not always get a thumbs up for obvious reasons, but it will no doubt be appreciated and start causing a shift in their mindset towards drivers, and the knock on effect will continue. Or vice versa, cyclists try to be less intense to motorists and yes, don't break the rules of the road because it only takes one caught on camera to ruin it for the rest of the cycling community ... so regardless whether you're a motorist or a cyclist... it starts with you... no "but they's" or "but what about them's"...it starts with you.Rest in Peace BurryNice Work Cherise, very well done 🙂
Pic I took of Burry Stander's Memorial at the site of his accident in Shelley Beach in December 2014

Pic I took of Burry Stander's Memorial at the site of his accident in Shelley Beach in December 2014

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