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Mark Pilgrim Facebook Post

This Post Is Probably Going To Upset A Few People… The Somizi and Mark Pilgrim Posts

This post is probably going to upset a few people when they realise how they've been duped with the Idols Judge, Somizi Mhlongo's racial rant, and how it was taken out of context and for everybody who saw Mark Pilgrim's post.

On Saturday evening, Mark Pilgrim posted an image on his Facebook page, the image was this bad quality portion of a screenshot taken from a post on SA Idol's Judge, Somizi Mhlongo's Instagram account, of which has since been deleted. MarkPilgrimPostAt the time I'm writing this, the post has had over 2000 comments (obviously mostly fuelling a massive fire of anger and hatred directed towards Somizi) as well as 5060 shares, which means that at the very least, 5060 people and their friends who have now seen this post have, and I'm sorry to say, been very misled... and this is a prime example of why you should always question this sort of thing, since people are way too quick to jump on a bandwagon and hit that Share button without taking the time to ask a very simple question: Why would someone in his public standing say such a thing, that would no doubt cause a massive backlash in its current form, and basically commit career suicide? Remember, if its too good to be true... it probably isn't.And one thing I will ask you is this, take a look at the very first line of the rant, "Racist White South Africans", if you are a Non-Racist white South African, then I can tell you now, he does not mean you at all, not even the slightest.. so you can probably put that stone down now and relax a bit...and here's why...You see, what Mark or the person who originally shared this snippet of the original post "forgot" to include, was the nice little collage that accompanied the rant, which changes this whole thing completely.Here take a little look, take a look at the pictures, notice the T-shirts certain individuals are wearing and now read the passage as if it describes the pictures that are along side it.  Makes a lot more sense now doesn't it? Now obviously, people that wear those type of shirts will no doubt feel a bit upset if not, victimised here, but I think we can see in plain view, now its not illegal to run around in those kinds of shirts (really it's not), and you may feel that its part of your culture/heritage etc, which you are fully welcome and entitled to believe that.. but the fact of the matter is that this sort of thing that we are dealing with here, will always be the result of that and it will create a problem even for those who are not a part of that fight...whether you like it or not, that old SA flag gets black people's backs up as much this picture gets white peoples backs up. The thing to remember though is that an act by one small group of people is by no means the views of everybody else.Was Somizi right to say all this? HELL NO! of course not, but the funny thing is, it appears he's also been duped just as much as everybody else with this whole saga. You see, on the day of the marches last week, I saw that very picture of the bakkie with the old SA flag pop up on FB, and noticed that someone quickly dismissed it as being an old photo. I'm not sure about the others as this is also the first I've seen of them but, and this is the problem... all it took was for one idiot to start posting old photos on the day of the marches with a made up story to cause a negative spin or throw shade on otherwise good intentions by good people. I don't know for sure but, I reckon those photos are from around about the same time that Steve Hofmeyr and friends had the protest in Pretoria over the Paul Kruger statue being vandalised...considering the amount of old SA flags being flown on that day and old SA flag T-shirt wearers (as with this aunty), it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.... Here's a very possible and likely course of events: Disgruntled black person (potentially ANC supporter for obvious reasons) wants to throw a bad vibe over the #ZumaMustFall marches, digs up old images and posts them online with a little-fabricated story saying that they were taken on the day. People are shocked and believe it straight away because, "OMG! if it's on Facebook then it has to be true, right?", this eventually gets seen by a prominent public figure which sends him over the edge unleashing a tirade of racial abuse directing at the type of people in the pics (still not ok though, because all this can later occur). This then gets seen by a disgruntled white person (most likely old SA shirt wearer, for obvious reasons wants to return fire) who now only cuts a portion of the whole story to make it look a lot worse than it initially was, which then does the rounds until it is picked up by another prominent public figure, which then sends him over the edge causing him to launch his tirade of abuse which results in the above. Now a fight that was basically between two individuals or types of people has now included a boatload of bystanders in between from the one extreme, all the way through to the other... now you've got to ask yourself, was it all really necessary since it was quite possibly a made up story in the first place?The very big issue now, and this is where it gets a little scary....ask yourself... just between Somizi Mhlongo and Mark Pilgrim's posts and all that have now been exposed to them...think for a moment of how many individual minds have now been poisoned with nonsense, and how many positive perceptions have been changed to a negative, because of something that was quite possibly completely fabricated from the start...??? Just from Mark's post alone, lets just say for that arguments sake, an average of 30 people saw it for every person that shared his post...that's 5060 shares x 30 people which is in excess of 151 800 people...now ask yourself, how many out of that amount will also be pushed over an edge, launching their own tirades of hate and abuse poisoning more minds as well as quite possibly causing someone to do something stupid which results in somebody or an entire family's lives being changed forever... 10, 20, 50, 100...out of 151 800? who knows, but I'd say even 1 is too much, because if it can push celebrities such as Somizi and Mark over the edge, who mind you, should be expected to show a greater level of responsibility when it comes to using their influence considering its reach... can you just imagine what it does to someone on the opposite end who doesn't have a lot of self-control and has just about had enough, and this is the tipping point that sends them over a far worse edge?Ja, not very clever gents... unfortunately I don't know much about Somizi as I don't follow the TV programs he's on, so don't know if he has a history of this sort of thing, but Mark, I've seen and heard a lot of over the years, after all, as per his Facebook Page description 🙂 "Mark Pilgrim is one of the most recognizable radio and television personalities in South Africa." I've gotta say...I expected a bit more I'm afraid, but then again he as well as Somizi are most likely, just as much victims of this whole mess as everyone else, guess they just need to learn to ask more questions, though, hey boys?. The truth of the matter is that we all screw up from time to time, gosh I know I cringe at some of the stupid things I've said and done along the way, so hopefully both gents can come to their senses very flippen quickly and start a massive damage control operation, cause yoh! The "radioactive racial contamination" of this disaster seems quite large and continues to spread...EISH!  The reality is that even posting an apology or something to that effect will most like never have the same viral effect that the initial post had so for some, the result will be permanent for many, so boys, on this occasion...So there you have it, folks, we see too much of this sort of thing each and every day, nobody is immune to it and everyone will screw up from time to time, I'm sure I probably will at some point, but the fact is, the more you question the integrity of things like this and a lot of other things, its likely we will screw up a lot less, and may actually start bringing people in SA closer together...because the very noticeable thing that sticks out of this whole saga... is that its clearly designed to separate people, they want to divide people... so don't let it, arm yourself with a questioning attitude and you will be a lot more immune to this kind of kak. Remember, the power of social media is not to be under-estimated folks... sadly this kind of nonsense spreads like wildfire...and I know that all too well 🙂P.S. Two wrongs, don't make a right... especially when it comes to racism, racism is a disease, it feeds on and breeds hate... so don't let yourself be infected by it...South Africa you are better than this nonsense... help repair the damage and share this post which will hopefully also help prevent more of this kak in the future...


Mark has since also removed his post from Facebook and gone to Twitter to make an expressive apology. Somizi has also made a very good apology as seen.Nice work lads, very cool. Mark and Somizi will also be going on Radio 702 this evening to discuss the issue, tune in at 21h25  this evening Listen to it LIVE via their online stream at http://www.702.co.za/listen-live Again nice work gents, let's hope as much of the damage as possible, can be undone 🙂

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