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South African Navy Submarine Video Fail…What The Naval Officer Meant To Say

If you were shocked by what was said in the South African Navy TV interview regarding Submarines... here is what the officer meant to say.

A video was doing the rounds on social media yesterday of a recorded TV interview with a South African Naval Officer explaining the advantages of submarines in the South African Navy.If you haven't seen the video yet, then push the play above to see what exactly was said... Prepare to have a bit of a confused look on your face by the end of it. 🙂Sounds like a not so bright explanation right?However people within the South African Navy have now spoken out on social media to add some clarification and clear up the slight mishap... and you'll be somewhat surprised to hear it's actually a very simple explanation, however, due to language barriers and possibly even nervousness, it was poor executed.Basically, what the Officer meant to say was this...Submarines act as a massive deterrent to illegal fishing vessels from neighbouring countries that try to fish illegally in South African waters (which I'm told is actually quite common).Given that submarines operate underwater and not very easily seen which allows them to "sneak up on their prey", they act as a deterrent in the same way that you would not go swimming in river mouths or seas that sharks are known to be lurking about, since it would be pretty damn stupid to do that since it's possible you'd get chowed, or in the case of illegal fishing boats... arrested.Guess that should make things a little bit more understandable. 🙂We can only hope that next time, if the South African Navy are doing a live TV interview in English, then it may be wise to use an officer who's a little bit more fluent in English in order to not only embarrass the hell out of themselves, but the poor bugger who's put in the firing line like that to take the heat.

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