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Members of the ANC Women's League (ANCWL) chant slogans as they hold placards after a bail hearing of Danish man Peter Frederiksen was postponed at the Bloemfontein court
Phot: Siphiwe Sibeko

Spokesperson For ANCWL Says Steenkamp Must Rot In Jail… True Story [Video]

A spokesperson for ANC Women's League has stated live on TV that "Steenkamp" must rot in jail...A bad case of, when your cause is so blatantly opportunistic, that you don't even know who are doing it against and you actually condemn the victim to a life in prison...on national television... TJINI!

All the way through the Oscar Pistorius' trial, and I'm sure for many, the only way that it was known that they, in fact, existed, was the constant and seemingly opportunistic cameo appearances by the ANC Women's League trying to get its 15 seconds of fame when the TV cameras were rolling. Something that was sometimes so blatant but otherwise couldn't really be proven to being just a promo for the league.That was, of course, the case until a couple days ago, more notably on the morning that Oscar was due to hear the verdict on the appeal case.As the cameras rolled, so were the ANC Women's league in full regalia as if they were at some kind of election rally, made it fully known who they were and what positions they were in, which naturally took up a good portion of the interview at the start.But shortly after, it all fell apart and all credibility hit the floor...It seems the ANC Women's league had completely forgotten who was on trial for killing Reeva as the spokesperson said not once (just in case you thought it was a once off mistake) not twice, but THREE TIMES, that Steenkamp must rot in jail and that Steenkamp didn't have a right to take a life... it just goes to show that their whole presence there was far from a worthy cause, cause no person who would be committed to fighting for a cause would have got that wrong... that's like any given South African confusing the All Blacks with the Springboks in terms of who they support...it just doesn't happen...You just turned your entire organisation into the Jacob Zuma Desperate Housewives Club... well done... *slow clap to that!I mean... come now...please... do us all a favour and just go home...Eish, no man...
[Source: The South African]

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