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Spoofing the Traffic Camera – Running without Limits… For Rhinos [video]

Dude runs down Kloof Nek in Cape Town kalgat or otherwise naked in a spoof video for the previous longboard video down kloof Nek... with added awareness for Anti-Rhino poaching for good measure.

Remember that video where that insane dude went down Kloof Nek on a long board in Cape Town and the speed camera flashed him? Well along comes a couple guys, Dene Botha and Steve Newman (I'm not sure who is who) who've added a bit of a humorous twist to the whole thing by stepping it up a notch and running the gauntlet completely starkers with nothing but a plastic red rhino horn over his nana (you know those ones that you put on your car)I flipping love it... can you imagine driving down the road and you check this oke running for his life with a little red horn on his tottie, I did see a few brake lights light up when cars went passed him, probably some eager aunties trying to cop a quick look 🙂The great thing about it is that these okes did this for a good purpose to raise further awareness for the Rhino Poaching issue in South Africa.bloody brilliant chaps! I schmaak how he even does the last slide at the end mimicking the original videoNice work boys, very nice work!If you would like to donate a little something to Steve Newman's cause, then hit him up with a donation right here www.givengain.com/activist/85270/Also check out Dene Botha's website www.denebotha.comDoes remind me of a little tradition we had at Linpark Hostel in Maritzburg where the Matrics would run down Sweetwaters Drive, along Mayors Walk passed the cop station completely naked and who didn't get arrested was victorious!
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