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Mike Francesa

Sports Radio Talk Show Host Falls Asleep… ON AIR! [video]

Check how this sports radio talk show host catches a quick nap whilst he’s live on air during the middle of an interview…

Now I guarantee this is something that you wouldn’t ever find on Ballz Radio, why? because there’s so much awesome stuff going on during a Ballz Radio show that there’s not a second to spare where you’d be bored enough to fall asleep… unlike like this poor Sports Radio Talk Show Host found out… EISH!

Mike Francesa, an American sports radio talk show host and television commentator, managed to nod off for an entire 50 seconds whilst live on interviewing WFAN Yankees reporter Sweeny Murti on the phone.

Check the video…

Shame, pas out…check how he suddenly comes back to life at the 0:53 mark after you can check his batteries running out…

Totally bewildered when he opens his eye’s thinking WTF is going on!

[source: Mashable]
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