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Steytlerville “Monster” Causing Panic in Small Karoo Town

A small town in the Karoo called Steytlerville is being rocked by the presence of a shape shifting ‘Monster’...

Seriously, towns folk are up in arms and having meetings with the Eastern Cape police after several sightings. The ‘Monster’ which has now been dubbed,   “Bawokozi” was first seen near a Church and said to have been seen peering through windows during a service, the latest sighting was on Sunday evening outside a tavern where a man approached an odd man wearing a jacket only to find the man had no head and then changed into a dog the size of a horse... apparently it was very angry too. The monster has also been said to have changed from a man in a suit to a pig and to a bat! Until now, no-one has been harmed, however after Sunday’s encounter, residents are shaking in their boots

This is big news for Steytlerville, I mean it’s probably the biggest news to ever hit Steytlerville and just the kind of news that may just put it on the map. I can see an increase in tourism for this seemingly one horse town.

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Apparently a photo has been taken which is yet to be published, however it is said that the photo was originally taken of the monster in human form, however when the photo was developed, it showed an unknown creature. Did you hear that, “developed”... I guess no-one there has heard of a digital camera yet.

I don’t dispute the authenticity of these claims, I mean, stranger things have happened you know, I do hope they get some hi-def footage of it... however I just thought I’d pencil in a few possible explanations for this phenomenon.

1.    Sounds like someone accidently spilt a good amount of LSD a.k.a “Acid” in the town’s water supply, cos deez bitches be trippin!
2.    Hit TV series, Alf has just hit screens in Steytlerville causing mass hysteria
3.    Google Maps auto complete brought up Steytlerville instead of Smallville when the monster was looking for directions
4.    It’s Batman!
5.    JuJu is visiting Steytlerville
6.    There’s some really good chronic shit available in Steytlerville at the mo ?

Is it just me or is it a coincidence that this town ends with “ville” and weird shit is happening? .... Amityville, Smallville...


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