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Stop The bus! Look What I found…

The Nando's gods have been good to us 🙂

The Jen and I were doing our monthly shop online with Tesco… as we do since we can't be arsed to get off said arse to get in the Black Mamba, drive to Tesco and push around a trolley that has no sense of direction due to the back wheels not being fixed in the straight position, like we have in SA. I've been aware that you can get Peri Peri Chip Sprinkle at Tesco, yes the stuff that creates the awesomeness that is "Peri Chips"  thanks to the amazing discovery by my mom at her local Tesco. I keyed in "Nandos" in their search to purchase another bottle of this "Gold Dust" when something caught my eye… 

Lets just say I thought I was having an acid flashback because I had to rub my eyes and blink a couple times to make sure I was seeing right (btw, Top Tip:  NEVER rub your eyes when eating Peri Chips, it hurts, trust me I know), but there it was, sitting there, waiting so patiently for me to ferociously click the "Add" button next to it…

The one thing that can make or break a Nando's order for me….


Holding it up high like a triumphant gladiator… I'd say that's a win!

and yes, I have a zero tolerance policy with Nando's… If I order a full meal and right at the end they tell me they're out of Perinaise… I walk out, end of story… there's no excuse for being out of stock of Perinaise… it wouldn't be acceptable if they ran out of chicken now would it 🙂

Anyway, Tesco stock it in a nice size 250ml jar for a mere £1.89 along with a full range of other Nando's sauces and of course, Peri Peri Chip Sprinkle 🙂

I guess you know one of my weaknesses now 🙂

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