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Suspected Steers Employee Launches Racial Hate Tirade On Facebook

You've got to wonder if Steers is aware of what their employees are up to when it comes to representing their brand as an employee amongst social media circles? As you will see shortly it appears that one of their employees launched a tirade of racial hate speech on Facebook although when checking out his profile its no secret who he works for.

The night before last I was sitting on Facebook catching up, as you do, and in my live feed (that bit of the right hand side that shows what all your friends are up to in real time) I noticed a friend of mine commented on something that R3nd3ir had posted. Now over the years I've watched a few of R3nd3ir's videos here and there, the guy certainly does have some interesting points that he puts across when he wants to, so I thought I'd check it out. Whilst browsing his page I noticed that some dude who goes by the name of Mklanka Mugabe had commented on a few posts with the same comment... it went something like this...

Click image to see full page screenshot...

Now after seeing something like that, naturally you're going to want to check out this clowns profile to see just who the hell he is...

And this is what you'll see... (click to enlarge)

Facebook Profile URL: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003694766540

Nice to know that Joseph Kony inspires this person....

Now you've got to admit, it takes a pretty sick individual to post shit like that, someone who really doesn't belong in our society, racism is one thing that I personally hate with a passion, as I've grown older, I've come to hate it more and more when I've learnt about the evil destruction to mankind that racism has caused through time, it honestly makes me sick to read things like that and something which cannot be tolerated.

I'm sure Steers aren't going to be very pleased about it, something tells me this persons days at Steers are somewhat numbered... I wonder what Steers' policy is with racism amongst its employees?

If this is in fact a Steers employee, I can't say I'll ever purchase anything from them again until action is taken upon this individual if they are going to have people like this working for them, which I'm sure is probably going to be the case with many people reading this... just imagine this person is flipping your burger, it may be real food made real good... but with some bodily fluids added in for good measure... Do you want to take that risk? 🙂

Some may say the profile is a fake profile set up by another individual and anyone can say they work for Steers, I'll let you be the judge, but I guess we won't be sure until its been proven otherwise...As R3nd3ir himself commented by saying the sad truth of the matter is that, if this is a fake profile, there still is a person behind that profile that feels that way.

If that is the case, then maybe one of "Mklanka Mugabe's" 11 Friends here may know a little more about his identity?

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