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Sex Drive Thru

Swiss Sex Drive Thru’s… Only In Europe

"Can I get two fur burgers with extra burger sauce, two super size titties and a little cream pie on the side please?" Yip, thats kinda what its gonna be like in , with new brand spanking new Drive-In Sex-Boxes…

You know we have our "Only In SA" stuff… well Europe has its "Only In Europe" stuff too, and it usually involves sex.
Those of you that have spent a weekend in will know full well what I'm talking about, and I ain't talking about Coffee Shops either.

Residents in neighbourhoods surrounding Zurich's have pretty much had enough of the free live sex shows that they usually get to see in broad daylight in cars on the side of the road etc, that they have called on the government to do something about…

There's no chance the government would ban prostitution, no way! this is Europe for crying out loud so the they thought they'd try and control it, somewhat. Now who do you think they asked for help? c'mon, when you think of this country you instantly think Porn… yip, they asked zee Germans… and this is what zee Germans recommended since they have a few of their own that apparently work quite well…

Voila! zee !

It's like a hourly rate motel where you don't even need to step out of your car!

A Police spokesman Reto Casanova (yes thats he's real name, people in those parts are actually born with porn star names) said: 'We can't get rid of prostitution, so have to learn how to control it.'

They need to set up a couple of these down on Point Road in Durban that's for sure… 🙂

Now we know why couldn't give two shits about jetting off to Switzerland in the middle of his fresh new sex scandal… he's going to try out zee Sex Box! 🙂


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