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Sydney Clock Tower Shaggers

Well the Aussies are at it again... excuse the pun 🙂

I've said it before, the one thing I love about Aussies, is that they are blunt, to the point and they don't bugger around trying to say or do anything in a round about way, the go straight in for it... and out, and in again as you so shall see 🙂

A couple who appeared to have the urge for a bit of afternoon action satisfaction were spotted mid stride at the top of a Sydney clock tower by a giggling crowd of onlookers passing by in the street below, at around 3:30pm yesterday . Apparently they became aware that they were being watched yet that wasn't enough to make them stop until they were done, I'm guessing it was that good, and we all know that "point of no return"... the buildings could collapse around you but ain't nothing gonna break you away from that moment haha 🙂

It is not known who the couple were, however they are believed to be students, as the building below their altar of passion is a student accomodation called Unilodge, I guess the name says it all. They are fast becoming an international hit and media companies are begging the couple to reveal themselves.

Alot of us will remember these other two, spotted having a nice little lunchtime bang on the rooftop of a building in Soho, London, a few years ago as seen in this video 🙂

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