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Taking You Back To The Old Skool!

Now don't these pics spark off a few fond memories of the old days where us 20-30 somethings didn't have to worry about things like "responsibilty" and pretty much everything else for that matter... Life wasn't about getting wasted and hooking up with chicks... chicks were the enemy and smoking cigarettes was hardcore...

These should take you back... waaaay back...

And to think two of those R1 coins used to last me a week at the tuck shop when I was at hostel

This separated the winners from the losers at primary school, and I don't mean because they had an advantage in Maths either...

Ja, cassette tapes is to us as 8 Track is to our ballies... Ryan Morris has one on him 24/7 🙂

I think even in our time, if you had one of these you were definately from Brakpan 

Now we'll all remember the top two, but I've only ever seen a R1 note once

I don't even wanna know what one stamp costs these days

Those colours were quickly changed in 1994 for obvious reasons

For most this is what you saw late at night in the days before MNET rocked up on the scene, but if you were lucky enough to spent most of your childhood in the Berg like myself, this was late night TV 🙂

[Thanks Carl]

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