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Ted “Golden Voice” Williams – Good Things DO Happen To Good People

Here's a nice little feel good story about a homeless dude by the name of Ted Williams, who got a massive lucky break... with his "Golden Voice"... prepare to be stunned when you watch the video....

Ted Williams has been homeless for twenty years, cruising the streets of Columbus, Ohio begging for money on street corners just like virtually every other homeless person does. However Ted has a little hidden gift that you'd only find out what it was when you spoke to him. This gift, a ridiculously incredible radio voice...




Check out the video... prepare to be stunned by his voice 🙂

Now thanks to the Columbus Dispatch journo, Doral Chenoweth who uploaded the above video onto Youtube last week, the video went seriously vira getting millions of views. Since then Ted Willaims' life has literally blasted in the opposite direction at the speed of light. Last week he was living in a box, this week he's living it up in a New York hotel, sitting in on countless interviews and being offered some extremely lucrative job offers...  this poor guy's life is an absolute circus at the moment. You can see he is taking a bit of strain as they are quite worried on how the sudden fame will effect him... remember ol' Susan Boyle... EISH! People are worried that he may go back to his old ways, but I don't think so, I think he knows full well what he's been through during the last twenty years, I seriously doubt he'll let himself fall back into that.

Now check this video... and girls... prepare to get teary 🙂

If the video doesn't play correctly, go here http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7215353n

Shame, you know, you can't help to feel so frickin happy for ol' Ted, you can see what a sincere, down to earth, good person he is who just made some big mistakes in his life and paid the price. Now he's been given the second chance in life to turn it all around. Notice how respectful he is to every one he speaks to, calling everyone ma'am and sir even though he is the star of the moment, and you can virtually feel the appreciation he has for everything that has now happened to him. 

You see, good things DO happen to good people...

Ted, thumbs up my man, and all the best with the new life that you've been given

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