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The 2010 SA Blog Awards are here!

It's that time of year that I've been waiting for ever since converting PharSide from a neglected website into a steamy blog for your entertainment. Yes, The 2010 South African Blog Awards are now underway and this will be the first year PharSide will be competing against the big dogs!

A short time after PharSide became a full on blog last September, I found out that every year an event is held in The Republic of Cape Town, where the masters of the South African Bloggersphere secretly congregate and give eachother a nice little pat on the back for eachother's efforts over the past year. Now as some of you may have noticed, the way in which I live my life is that I don't wait around for people to say I can't do something, because if I think there is the slightest hint that anyone could say such a thing, I go out and do it, not only proving to myself and everyone else that just about anything is possible in this world, but it tends to become a rather amusing feit at the same time.

So with that said, I thought, schweet, lets do it, lets "gatecrash" the party somewhat, and let the masters know in SA, that there's this little shit, sitting far away in London town that also wants a frickin award! 🙂

Although without your good self, this will be like firing a water pistol at a sherman tank, so... Howz about a chance hey 🙂 If you schmaak PharSide tjoon over to the right hand column and gooi me a kiff nomination ekse, it only takes a few seconds so do it, do it...

PharSide has been entered into the following 3 categories:

Best Overseas South African Blog

Best Entertainment Blog

Best New Blog

You just have to nominate once and your vote will go into the count for those 3 categories.... simples 🙂

The 2010 SA Blog Awards ceremony will be held on the 25th September 2010 and voting is open until the 27th August, after which the top 10 voted blogs in each category will be selected and from there its up to the judges.

So if PharSide wins any one of these categories it will be absolutely AWESOME! In which case, I reckon a massive jol will be in order... 

So lets go gang, clickitty click 🙂

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