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The Dalai Lama gets up to speed and joins Twitter

Theres a bit of a rattle on the net at the mo with news that the Dalai Lama himself is sticking with the times and got himself his very own Twitter account... and before you label it as a hoax... see for yourself... it's Twitter Verified.

With hours now the main man has been racking in followers... welcome to new wave religious recruitment 🙂
Next we'll see the Pope taking a cue if he check that his competitor is getting the upper edge.

Don't take this the wrong way but, if Jesus was batting his 2nd innings, do you reckon he'd get himself a Twitter account too to stick with the times?

I've started following his holiness aswell since I quite enjoy his words of wisdom that you hear from time to time. Quite looking quite forward to it as he usually has something that is quite broad minded and gives you something to think about, which in all honesty and personal opinion, is a bit more than what I can say for the Pope who is supposed to be bigger in the sense of global religious domination, not to mention being the top man of the extremely well financed institution which we all very well know.

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