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The Fish And Chips Ad That The SABC Banned… [video]

This is the Fish And Chips Company ad that the SABC refused to air... Dinner time with the Zuma family at Nkandla

Take a look at this here advert that was created for the Fish and Chips Company which shows a comical animated skit of life at Nkandla with the Zuma family...Now that wasn't bad was it... a comical light-hearted skit of current events that are currently occurring in South Africa for years... something that people like Nando's have kinda been doing for yonks (and done a brilliant job at it mind you) however it seems that the SABC refused to air the advert on grounds that was, um... "degrading to the President"I'm not sure how they see it that way really... I mean lets looks at the facts:Jacob Zuma has many wives... checkJacob Zuma has a large family to feed.... checkJacob Zuma has just built himself a massive flipping compound called "Nkandla".... checkSo what the problem is?One this is for sure though... either way Fish and Chips Company wins... because with the SABC refusing to air it creates a bigger social media vibe which quite possibly has created more of a vibe than any few seconds of quality SABC broadcasting could ever deliver... just saying...Well done SABC... you really did well with that... what you tried to prevent, you created on a bigger scale and for a damn side lot cheaper thats for sure.... round of applause! 🙂Even South African's around the world are hearing about the R25 Habba's Hake and chips special at Fish and Chips Company 🙂 

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