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The Full Body Waxing Experience

Last week the time had come... it was time to pay my dues and fulfill a certain little promise I'd made to all of you for getting PharSide.co.uk a Number 1 spot at the SA Blog Awards... it was for a little "outer body" experience... a Full Body Wax 🙂

The date and time was set and there was no backing out... well there was kind of, not that I would have but once Jax had applied a nice layer of wax over my chest, there was no backing out at all, because the only way that wax was coming off was being ripped off, and we all know what comes along with it.

Now I'd never known what it was like to be waxed, not even a little spot on my arm or something just out of curiosity, but I did once put an Epilator to my face once as a dare thinking it couldn't be that bad... I was wrong.... very wrong, so I did kind of know in one way or another, this wasn't exactly going to be a walk in the park, but I said I would do it, so it had to be done... it's all about the follow through.

So at around 7pm on Wednesday evening, Jax of JEM Health and Beauty arrived at the PharSide HQ with her bag of tricks to do the deed. The entire process took about 2.5 hrs considering I took a few smoke breaks in between aswell as a good dose of horsing around, but after a huge amount of effing and blinding with a dash of me screaming like a girl, the job was done, I was like a new baby boy... completely hairless from the neck down.

Anyway, enough natter, I guess you're pretty eager to enjoy the full effect of what went down...

So here it is... Enjoy!

Just one word of warning... if you have kids around, turn the volume down a bit, or teach them to do "ear muffs" 🙂

Now didn't you just enjoy that, I know if you're a female I can already see the ideas popping into your head... The Jen was in her element and insists that every girl should be able to do that to their other halves at least once... just for the record, I think I speak for every man when I say, not a chance in hell... trust me okes, run... and run far far away!!! 🙂

I must admit, it was quite an experience, not something I'd be in a hurry to do again but hey, at least I can scratch that off my list of things to at least do once in my lifetime 🙂 because I ain't living it by any means, mediocre!

My only problem at the moment is that I've already got re-growth and in this cold weather it doesn't work very well, put it this way, everytime I get goosebumps I feel like I'm rolling around in stinging nettles... lovely isn't it 🙂

Just want to send out a massive thanks to everyone of you once again that put the effort in and made this happen because it wouldn't have happened with out you 🙂

Also a huge thanks to Jax for taking the time and effort to see this through, so girls, if you want some super cheap prices on beauty treatments in your own home nogal by a Saffa doll, make sure you check out JEM Health and Beauty as you won't find it cheaper anywhere else, take my word for it, I've scoped this shit out 🙂 

Check out her price list on Facials, Massages, Waxing etc right here

P.S. Ladies, just for the record.... I have a new found respect for you all... EISH!

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