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The ‘Get Parys on 5FM’ Campaign! Be a part of the vibe!

PharSide.co.uk's favourite illegal immigrant to the UK, Parys Potgieter, called me up yesterday with a wicked idea...
He tjooned me, 'Marky, what do you skeem of getting my kiff tjoon, Hot Hot Baby, on 5FM?' So I tjooned him, 'Parys, anything is possible these days my boi, lets see what we can do' 🙂

Now you may remember how successful the British public were at getting Rage Against The Machine to number one over Christmas with the use of FaceBook... if not, check it out here ...amazing! 

Now we have started our own South African version of the concept to get 'Parys Potgieter - Hot Hot Baby' played on Gareth Cliff's Morning Show on 5FM... How will we do this? Well all you've gotta do is click a button to Vote, that's it... with enough support behind it, I seriously doubt 5FM will say No for many various reasons. Why? because we can, and it would be frickin hilarious! Parys reckons it will certainly put a smile on just about every person's face on their way to work that morning jamming to Hot Hot Baby booming from their subs in their cars 🙂

So lets get this rolling! Get in and be a part of this mass vibe! Let's get Parys on 5FM!

All you need to do is go to this FaceBook page that we've set up http://www.facebook.com/pages/Get-Parys-on-5FM/132367163463596 ,just click 'Like' it to vote, The music video is on the page if you haven't checked it yet.

Tjoon everyone you know about it so that we can build up a huge mass of support! Share this post on FaceBook via the Share button at the top of the article.

Once we have enough support we'll tjoon 5FM, "ey whats cutting my bra's, we all wanna make a one times dedication ekse" 🙂

So join in, its gonna be fun! Lets show everyone the power of FaceBook...  Lets get Hot Hot Baby banging on 5FM!  ðŸ™‚ do it! do it!


Jack Parow schmaaks Parys! Check it out his tweet! 

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