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Sparletta Cream Soda

The Great PharSide Creme Soda Giveaway!

Just cause you're all so frickin awesome, I've decided to give away an entire case of Creme Soda to one lucky bugger! And that lucky bugger may just be you so check it out…

Every Saffa in London knows the true value of a green ambulance, those little green drops of heaven aren't something you can get out of the fridge at any petrol station when you're putting petrol in like in SA, noooo, you have to get them from South African shops and sometimes at specific off-licenses that might stock a few South African products. In other words, when you have it, you savour it and enjoy it in its full capacity. So for my peoples in London I'm gonna show some appreciation for the support and giveaway a case of Creme Soda, yes 24 cans of pure saffa bliss 🙂

The way it is going to work is quite simple and thanks to FaceBook its going to be even simpler.

All you need to do is make sure you are a fan of PharSide.co.uk on FaceBook. As you can see in the fan box below, this shows a number of members at random every time you visit this page. So on the 31 January, whoever is the first person displayed in the top left corner of the fan box when I bring up the page, gets the case. Its that simple. Kinda like a mini lotto but it doesn't cost you anything. So share this with your mates and tjoon them to go halvies with you if they win 🙂

So make sure you're a fan to be able to be a part of the fun and on the 31st January I just might be contacting you to tell you you've just won yourself a case of Creme Soda. Just add a one bottle blue top and you've got yourself a cane train haha 🙂

On the 31st January the winner will be announced and a screenshot posted showing the result.

For the time being this is only open to fans in London as your case of Creme Soda will be delivered to you. Unfortunately it doesn't seem as simple a task to arrange in SA.


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