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Jan Braai - pic: Mark Wessells

The Jan Braai Rules

Jan Scannell a.k.a Jan Braai, the founder and driving force behind the charcoal fired stream train that is National Braai Day which is celebrated on 24th September in South Africa, and also naturally at The PharSide HQ in Wimbledon amongst other parts of the world, has published his first book, entitled "Fireworks" which gives you the low down about everything there is to know about braaiing... even though we all know "that guy" who thinks he knows it all already 🙂

Jan Braai - pic: Mark Wessells

Here's Jan's 10 golden rules about braaiing...
1. Nothing beats a real wood fire.2. Gas is Afrikaans for a guest at your braai, not something you braai with.3. Braaiing is the only fat-negative way of cooking food. Even when you steam food, the fat in it stays behind. When you braai, the fat drips out. Be healthy and braai.4. Never braai with indigenous wood. Alien vegetation, like Rooikrans and black wattle, drink lots of ground water, so rather burn them. Besides, after all the sports world cups they've knocked us out of, it feels good to burn Australian rubbish.5. Braaiing is a direct form of energy use, from the coals to your meat. With conventional electricity, there is a lot of spillage between the power plant, power lines, electricity box, wires, stove and pan. If you love the earth, braai.6. Have enough ice at your braai. Use it for your Klippies and Coke.7. Smoke flies to pretty people.8. Animals eat grass, leaves and vegetables and convert them to meat. Eating meat is like eating vitamin pills.9. A cow must only be killed once. Do not braai your steak until the flavour is dead.10. A braaibroodjie is your chance to have your bread buttered on both sides.
Grab a copy of Jan's book, Fireworks available now from Kalahari.net for just R181... thats like £13.50 (dunno if they'll ship to the UK but I'm sure you can make a blerrie plan)National Braai Day falls on Heritage Day in South Africa on Monday 24th September which is obviously a public holiday in SA, buuuuut that doesn't mean you have a blerrie excuse not to take part anywhere else in the world.. unless you're working a kak double shift, in which case you're forgiven, and I'll have a Klippies and coke for you, howz that? 🙂I'd highly recommend you follow Jan Braai on Twitter, and check out www.braai.com for just about everything else you need to know for Braai DayWasn't it him that gave Chad Le Clos a cow for winning a Gold medal in the Olympics?

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