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The Kreepy Krauly Wrangler… This Is hilarious! [video]

 For decades the Kreepy Krauly has been hunted by the Kreepy Krauly Wrangler whilst it has been on its quest for world domination...

Lets take a quick look into the origin and discovery of this creature we know as The Kreepy Krauly...The Kreepy Krauly was first discovered in South Africa many moons ago... however for many years conspiracy theorists have argued that the Kreepy Krauly is the direct result an accident that was part of a highly secretive government-funded experiment involving one alien life form, a few scientists that were kept underground in a lab on Robben Island for many years and a bog standard everyday algae eater you'll find in your fish tank. It is said that one day a scientist forgot to switch off his iron after ironing his white coat (Obviously washed in a leading South African brand of washing powder that keeps whites whiter and colours brighter). What happened in those moments is not completely known, however what was later discovered was that somehow, the genes of the alien life form had got into a scientist's fish tank (they were only allowed to keep fish, no hamsters for personal petting were allowed) which mutated with the algae eater named Steve, into what is known today as, The Kreepy Krauly. It escaped leaving nothing behind but a spotlessly clean glass fish tank, it actually ate all the stones, plants, aswell as some poor GoldFish... although recent suspicions have raised theories that the two GoldFish actually managed to escape and later formed a two piece electronic dance band which was last seen doing a "world domination" tour called the Three Second Memory Tour (we believe this is the code word for how the Kreepy Krauly's will strike, rendering humans with a Three Second Memory, to live in little tanks to power...The Matrix) . It was believed that Kreepy Krauly escaped from the lab via the toilet surviving for weeks in the sewerage system on nothing but undigested peanuts and mielie pips, but this is where it gets very interesting.. when the Kreepy Krauly eventually escaped from the island via the sewerage system (which is believed to have inspired the very escape route for the guy in Shawshank Redemption)... have you ever wondered why Morgan Freeman was really chosen to make a movie in South Africa, in which he also just happened to to be playing Nelson Mandela, who also just happened to have spent many years on that very same island... these links are not coincidence, Morgan Freeman was on a top secret CIA research mission into the Kreepy Krauly origins... anyway, back to the escape.. when the Kreepy Krauly reached the sea, something phenomenal happened, the salt water caused there to be not one Kreepy Krauly... but two Kreepy Kraulys... and then four Kreepy Kraulys... until there were thousands of Kreepy Kraulys... from there the Kreepy Krauly's held a federation meeting on the ocean floor in Table Bay. They decided to move inland and occupy every swimming pool in South Africa disguised as a friendly pool cleaner to adults, however only children could pick up on their brainwaves to see them for what they really were, in the same way that children also only see their "imaginary" friends and The Boogie Man. The Kreepy Krauly's soon realised that the adults never believed what the children were saying so there was no real threat to their plan...the children continued to live in fear, some even refused to swim while the Kreepy Krauly was in the pool...The plan was to dominate every pool worldwide and then strike,it is believed that those GoldFish have been working in cahoots supplying the Kreepy's with coordinates and updates via subliminal messages in their music (it is a well known fact that if you play any GoldFish CD backwards you can hear it say "Kreepy Krauly"), the Kreepy's listen closely to the music blaring from patio Hi Fi system... and you wonder why GoldFish play at so many pool and beach parties?...hmmm...its come very close for the Kreepy's to strike, but not close enough thanks to one man, by the name of Chris Sr. who had a gift of feeling that tick tick of the Kreepy's heartbeat from a very far distance, he knew what the Kreepy's were up to from experiences whilst he was on the border, which he never wanted to talk about... it is said that he went missing for days and when they found him he had only Kreepy Krauly skins for clothes and piece of Kreepy Krauly pipe, stuck on his tottie that had to be surgically removed... for 40 years he hunted Kreepy's until his son and fine student, Chris Jr. also became a Master Kreepy Krauly Wrangler, to continue his legacy.This is Chris Jr. in his Kreepy Krauly Wrangler Documentary 🙂 Enjoy!Careful folks, the Kreepy has evolved into a silent hunter because of Chris and his dad...so remember, if you are going to be sleepy, you'll be in trouble with the Kreepy 🙂What was your feeling of the Kreepy in the pool when you were a laaitjie? Did your imagination run wild with this creature?tjoon below, I wanna hear it all! Don't worry, we're all grown up now, you can talk about it, let it out 🙂

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