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The PharSide South African Road Trip – The Draft Plan

Durban to the Republic of Cape Town over three full days via the not so usual route... this is awesomeness at its best! Living up to 2OceansVibe's key phrase... We'll be living the holiday and work will become the sideline 🙂

Every now and again I hear a London Saffa moan that they are getting a little tired of heading out to SA every year, and would rather take their bucks and go experience something new. Trust me, I've said it myself, but I guess the truth of the matter is that you'll find, that everyone that feels that way, kinda goes and does exactly the same thing every time they head home, that it does eventually become slightly monotonous. However if you sit down and think about it, there is still so much to South Africa that you've probably never given the chance to really experience, and have a proper holiday. Personally every time I head back to SA it becomes one massive booze fuelled party session that kinda repeats itself every night for 2-3 weeks, that by the time I get back to London, I just can't wait to get back to work for a break... ring any bells? ja, thought so...So a while ago myself and my honourable co-pilot, The Jen, decided we'll do yet another trip to SA. There are a couple important reasons why we are going, one being to witness a certain Little Possum strutting her stuff down the aisle, amongst others like catching up with my good ol Saffa mates. Then recently it dawned on me that since we're gonna be there, instead of doing the usual, why not take full advantage and do something awesome, and really get to experience South Africa to its fullest... and that my friends, is when the idea of The PharSide South African Road Trip was conceived... so after a fair bit of researching, calculating and decision making... this is the foundation of how and when we are going to do it...Our holiday is going to span over two weeks from 1st April, so we've decided to enjoy the first week in Durban where we'll get to see the boys and girls, party like rockstars and catch a game of Super Rugby at Mr. Price Kings Park to watch The Sharks hammer the Lions and pint with Just Sharks. The following afternoon is when Stage 1 of the Road Trip will begin as we depart from Durban and head for the Drakensberg. Now there is also another more personal side to this road trip, for me, its going to be a little trip down memory lane and a nice little birthday present for The Jen... there are a number of places along our route that I once called home whilst growing up, and the first stop is one of them, a tiny little village called Jagersrust which sits at the foothills of the northern berg, just a couple kilometres from the Royal Natal National Park and 30km's from Bergville where I used to go to school, a place that I will always call home since it formed one of the best periods of my life. We'll chill there for the night catching up with old friends that I haven't seen in about 15 years, and I can bore The Jen with a million stories of the nonsense we used to get up to as kids. Lets just say, while everyone else had KTV, all we had were BMX's, Go Karts (with no brakes), fishing, a shitload of mountains to explore and quite a few farmers to irritate the crap out of.... fence? what fence? 🙂The following morning we'll hit the road bright and early for Stage 2 which is going to be a bit of a long haul covering over 1000km''s down to Port Elizabeth and then along the coast to Plettenberg Bay. Now you might think its a bit nuts but to be honest I'm no stranger to long stretch driving. At the turn of the millenium, myself and my brother-from-another-mother, co-non-driver, Rhys "PoesFace" Williams, drove my mom's 1300 Corsa from Durban to Cape Town straight in 19 hours... it was a gruelling 19hrs of staring at the road, bit shit it was awesome... and I had a kiff driver's tan when we got to Cape Town as you can imagine... The only place we're gonna really stop for a bit of sight seeing before Port Elizabeth, is another place that I once called home, a little place 45km's north of Colesberg, at the arse end of the Free State called Geriep Dam, formerly known as Hendrik Verwoerd Dam (glad they changed it). It's likely to be a short stop since, there's a dam, a wall and pretty much F all else apart from a few unpleasant childhood memories, but worth revisiting I guess since it contributed to who I am today. We'll check out PE and start heading along the south coast checking out J-Bay, Bloukrans Bridge, taking in the unbelievable scenery that the Garden Route has to offer while we make our way over to Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, where we will park off for the night.... I reckon I'll be dossing like a baby that night, EISH!Now although the distance between Knysna and Cape Town is only 490km's, we've decided to split this over two days, or two stages for that matter, due to the fact that its pretty much unexplored territory for the both of us and from what I've seen and heard, there's shit loads to see and do along that stretch, so we've decided to take it easy and really enjoy what it has to offer, we plan to pretty much take the entire day to make our way down to Cape Agulhas which just so happens to be the very southern most tip of Africa. Will pull in there for the night and the following day make the final short 250km's stretch to Cape Town pulling into places like Hermanus to maybe spot a whale or two, then arrive in Cape Town on Wednesday afternoon, nice and fresh to enjoy everything that the awesomeness of Cape Town has to offer, so from Wednesday afternoon, if you're looking for me, you'll find me taking The Jen up the mountain (such tourists haha ), on a boat to Robben Island, cruising along Chapman's Peak, taking kiff photos from Blouberg or Melkbos, or just chilling sipping on 2OceansVibe cocktails at Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay...not to mention having a one two wetties with my boi Nash.... Then on Sunday its back on a plane to London via Jozi.... now howz that for a proper SA holiday experience!?!And best of all... I'm going to tell all you lot all about it along the way, the whole way... so be prepared to get insanely jealous 🙂 but I'm sure it might spark a few ideas to do the same on your next SA holiday 🙂So if you've got any mates who run B&B's or activities and other experiences along the way, that would enjoy a bit of exposure for future road trippers, then you're more than welcome to tjoon them to get in touch via the contact page, as I'm sure it would only add to the awesomeness of the PharSide Road Trip.Got any cool suggestions... tjoon it! 🙂

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