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The Shark Shebeen Needs Your Vote!

This year's British "Shed Of The Year" Competition has been infiltrated by a die hard South African Sharks Supporter... It's time to show the brits how it's done, with... The Shark Shebeen!

It just so happens that this die hard Sharks Supporter is in fact... my Dad, otherwise known as "The Ballie". When it comes to supporting the Sharks, you could say he is pretty much part of a very elite group that only the most fanatical of football hooligans could understand, while football fans tattoo "Arsenal" down their forearms and Man United chops on various locations of their body's, The Ballie sports a Natal Shark tattooed into his arm... get what I'm saying? nuff said... 

A couple years ago back in November 2006 The Ballie decided that the one thing that was missing at their house in the quaint English countryside was a pub. This stems from our old house back in Pinetown where like many a South African home, we had a built in bar just off the lounge that served as the venue for many a raucous dop at home jol. The beauty of the location of the bar was that it also served as the main entrance into the rest of the house, and so, as we do, we had a little rule that any newcomer had to have a complimentary shot of Tequila in order to gain entry to the rest of the house. It's because of this that these days I start mock charging at even the slightest whiff of Tequila.  So I'm sure you can see now why any house The Ballie owned just wouldn't quite be home without a pub. Now I'm sure I don't need to tell you that unlike SA, having a decent built in pub in your average house here in England is extremely rare, but I guess where there's a will there's a frickin way, because the next minute The Ballie is arranging for a made to order cabin/shed to be built in the back yard. I mean, he needed somewhere to keep his Sharks memorabilia and ever growing cap collection. The basic shell was built which was quite literally, four walls and a roof but it didn't stay that way for very long, you see, The Ballie had what I like to call, cheap family labour... this was masked with invites of a pleasant retreat from the rat race of London for a "break" in the countryside. As you can see in this pic, Waine and I hard at work building the bar, well maybe just Waine... I'm a good supervisor... notice the bar started serving drinks before it was even built 🙂

A short while later, The Ballie's 50th was approaching so we set out the task of building a proper SA style brick braai to be ready in time for his birthday... and as you can see from the pic, that's me getting my hands dirty, taking a short break from "IT is my life" so to speak 🙂 Slowly but surely The Shark Shebeen has changed from the bare bones shell it was, into what it is today and improvements are constantly been made as time goes by. A great part of it's existence is what has gone into what it is today and the great memories that those walls now contain. It does also come with its little bits of history. The chimney on top of the braai is over 200 years old that was salvaged from an old monastery in the local area. The bell inside is over 100 years old and comes from an old pub right here in Wimbledon, not to mention some of the somewhat collectors items of Sharks memorabilia that decorate the place. Lets just say, every time I'm in SA for a holiday, I'm not welcome home until I've made a purchase and the Shark Cage at Kings Park... which is getting extremely tough these days because he already got just about everything available at the Shark Cage that would be fitting for the pub. 

Unfortunately as you can imagine, these days there's no such thing as a quiet weekend at the folks when I'm not jolling it up at The Slug

So what's all this got to do with a vote? Well... a little while ago, The Phreak came across an article in the newspaper which was of course an article about "Shed Of The Year". Lets just say, when the brits mean shed, its not always just a derelict wooden box at the bottom of your garden that houses your lawnmower. So naturally she thought The Shark Shebeen would be a perfect contender that would give the brits a run for their money.

The Shark Shebeen has been entered into the Pub Shed category and judging from the others we've seen, its a pretty strong contender. It's entry into the competition has already caught the attention of The Springbok Supporters Club and if you've picked up a copy of the South African Newspaper this morning, you may have noticed something familiar in there today 🙂

So lets get The Shark Shebeen a top spot in this year's competition and conquer the brits on and off the field of course, and if you not feeling up for it because you're a non Sharks Supporter, well then do it for SA Rugby 🙂

Click here to go to the voting page and view loads of pics of the Shark Shebeen, including pretty schweet panoramic views of the interior.

Just tjoon a quick click on the vote button and like the page to share with your mates 🙂

Also, if you live in or around the Ashford area in Kent and keen to watch a game or two at the Shark Shebeen, give me a shout through the contact page as The Ballie is always keen to having a few fellow Saffa's around for a few dops and tjops 🙂

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