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The Slug Has A New Pet… The Bull

If you go down to tonight, you're in for a big surprise… Let me introduce… THE !

The Slug in has a new pet, meet The Bull. This oke schmaaks it nothing to have someone on his back and will buck you around until you become somewhat airborne, launching you across the room.

I popped down to The Slug to try and tame this beast, as expected, I failed dismally but had a frickin wicked time trying 🙂 The bull has three speeds. Naturally you start on speed 1 which is basically a bit embarrasing which seems like you're trying to rape a wounded bull, although when speed 2 kicks in you'd swear the oke just got an adrenalin injection in his heart cause it wakes up in a big way… speed 3 is ridiculous, I'd personally by a person a drink if they could stay on for more than 15 secs. It's hectic fun, which makes you just wanna try again and again. Even The Jen had a few goes and I must say, guys, expect to be embarrased… chicks know how to ride bulls a lot better than you'd think… although if you think about it…. it won't be long until you realise why 🙂

The Bull will be in his pen from Thursday to Sunday every week going forward and judging from the attention it got last night, I reckon its gonna generate some stiff competition between all you brekers!

So pull in tonight and see if you can tame the beast, soon there'll be competitions and prizes for those who can hold on the longest!


I just want to be there when The gives it a go… reckons he can show the bull who's boss… we'll see 🙂

Haven't been to The Slug before? (really?)


Owned! 🙂


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