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The State Of Pietermaritzburg Streets This Morning [video]

A video shot along Church Street in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal this morning by resident, Jason Lombard shows a shocking apocalyptic view of the state of rubbish removal in the city at the moment.


So why is there so much rubbish all over the place?

According to IOL,Disgruntled workers who are contracted to Msunduzi Municipality, particularly, the electrical and refuse removal departments are striking because they want permanent jobs.It is said that most workers have been employed on a temporary basis, some for 15 years or more. The municipality has constantly made promises to employ the workers as permanent staff although, much to no surprise this has never materialised.Earlier on in the week, workers got gatvol and started protesting outside Msunduzi municipal offices demanding to speak to Mxolisi Nkosi, the Municipal Manager.Earlier this week, in Pietermaritzburg, refuse was strewn across streets whenSo what can be done to bring a solution to this?Now due to the lack of management, the workers problem has now become the problem of the residents of Pietermaritzburg. People who pay their rates etc, but are now not getting what they are paying for.Ask yourself, if you bought a car from a dealer and you didn't get what you paid for, you'd no doubt be a bit bleak about it?... would you say?, "ag, what can you do hey?" or "it's gone to the dogs"...no... you'd probably at the very least, call the dealer up and give him a piece of your mind and demand that it gets resolved.So, by having a look at the Msunduzi Municipality Website, here are all the contact details you'll need to demand that you want to get what you pay for, a better Pietermaritzburg. Being a former Linpark High School pupil, (94-97) I'll say this, you do not have to live like this, Pietermaritzburg does not deserve this...Pietermaritzburg deserves better.Mxolisi Nkosi Municipal Manager Tel. 033 392 2660 Cell: 082 806 6788In fact here are some other useful contacts taken from the website.Call them, and kak them out because of the state that they have let your city become.
072 607 5540
Office of the Mayor
033 392 2036/7
Deputy Mayor072 629 9119
Office of the Speaker
033 392 2739
Municipal Manager
082 806 6788
Office of the Municipal Manager
033 392 2002 
Msunduzi Municipality Contacts
033 392 3000
Call Centre
080 000 1868
Call Centre
Being passive will only prolong your pain, so hand the pain back to those who gave it to you. Make them feel the pressure, make them take accountability and make them fix your city. If you don't do it, then who will?Feel free to cause them further embarrassment by directing your views at them on Twitter, make them talk.This is no joke, its actually Msunduzi Municipality's Twitter handle @CityofChoice_1

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