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The Weather This Week, Looking A Little Bleek

If you're in the UK right now, I guess I don't need to tell you... IT'S FRICKIN FREEZING!

Over the last few days the temperature has dropped as if the floor was slipped from right beneath its feet. Early November seemed pretty ok and mild for this time of year but heading on to the end of the month its just got ridiculous.

And to top it off, our friends over the MET Office are still tjooning passop my bra's! the worst is still to come... EISH!

With the temperature teasing us around 0 degrees, snow is predicted for the rest of the week according to my MET Office iPhone app... WTF!

Don't worry about looking at that picture of that sunny sun... look at the blerrie figure next to it!

Looks like we are in for a bit of a cold one gang, dress warm, snuggle tight and drink lots of Klipdrift Brandy

Check the reading on the PharSide HQ Life Saver Thermometer... tjoons you straight before you step outside... nought bru, it's not a good idea hey 🙂 This was of course taken in the early hours of Sunday morning after getting home from jolling at Bar Sia and The Slug... Booze Blanket wasn't even handling very well in those conditions

Just a word of advice for you lot over in SA... stop bitching about the hot weather! 🙂

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