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The World’s Most Awesome Alarm Clock

I've seen some pretty inventive alarm clocks in my time... even tried a couple creative methods myself, but this one takes the cake...

Those who know me well will know full well just how deeply I sleep. Previous housemate's of mine could really tell you some interesting stories of inventive ways and measures I've taken to get myself up in the morning. I know without a doubt anyone who knows me well is going to be chuckling through this post since they know full well of my "defect".

To give you a little idea of just how difficult it is to wake me from my comatose state in the morning, once upon a time when we lived in Richmond Avenue in Wimbledon (which you've heard about before in the PharSide Story), being the IT geek, I had some alarm clock application on my PC that kick started my MP3 playlist blasting through my 5.1 surround sound at full tilt... do you think it woke me up?.... nope, it did however wake up Adam on the other side of the house where he'd ever so quite often run into my room and turn the volume down then wake me up. This virtually became his alarm clock aswell since there was really no use for his. I've come to the realisation that I think my hearing completely shuts down in my sleep. 

Adding alcohol into mix was a definite recipe for disaster, and with the way I used to jol, this pretty much became the norm. It's not like I didn't try though. I realised that sound was pretty useless however a nudge or two did the trick quite well, therefore I devised a pretty inventive (and slightly hilarious) way of waking myself up in the morning. You see, I had two cellphones, my personal one and my work one, I would place a sock over my one hand, place a cellphone in the sock, then have another sock on my one foot and place the crappy, yet small work phone in the sock under the sole of my foot, why the sole you ask? Well we all know what it feels like when someone tickles you under your foot... ja... I guess you see where this is going 🙂 As the two phone's alarms went off simultaneously a couple hours later, I'd awake to a buzzing hand and foot 🙂 Simple really, and it does actually work pretty damn well... trust me I know 🙂 Desperate times call for desperate measures I tell you... I did come up with a plan to create a shocking wrist band alarm clock that you'd need to punch in a code in order to stop it from shocking you... I thought it would also be good with spy training to get you to think quickly after  been woken up from deep sleep... tried selling the idea to MI6 although I'm still waiting for a response from them 🙂

These days it seems to be getting better, I now have three alarms that go off every morning, a clock radio and two phones, not to mention my fail safe reserve shoot, The Jen 🙂

Although in those days, I really wish I'd thought of this.... 

Imagine how hilarious it would have been every morning after picking up a stray the night before... naturally you'd conveniently forget to tell her about your awesome alarm clock 🙂

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