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The Worlds Most Used Password

Ever wonder how so many people's email accounts, Facebook accounts etc etc get hacked... ask yourself this question, how unique and secure is your password right now? Have you ever had a breach of your password security?

Recently a company called Trustwave who specialise in IT security released its global security report which revealed the most used password for business users.

Now if you are one of those not too IT security concise folk who just create the easiest password that you'll remember, and actually think you are the ONLY person in the world who could possibly have thought of the easiest password to remember, I'll have you know that in my many years of IT experience, it is rather alarming how many people think the same thing... trust me, I've worked on trade floors and you'd think it would be difficult to remember a few desks with of trader's passwords... lets just say, I still remember traders passwords from as far back as 2004, they were that simple... for example... "Summer12"... see what I  mean?

I'll tell you now that the most used password is ALOT simpler than that... funny enough I already knew what it was before I read what it was...click to see it. some of you will laugh, some won't 🙂

yup, I bet you a good handful of you must think I'm some kind of magician right now for guessing your password, the truth of the matter is that it is just really the most used password... and you'll be amazed when you hear of the rather important things that people "secure" with that very password... it's quite shocking to be honest...

So if you're one of those people, I think its high time you changed it to something a little less predictable.

So why is that password the most used password?

According to Trustwave, this is why...

It satisfies the default Microsoft Active Directory complexity setting. In other words, it’s got a capitalized letter, a number, and the requisite number of characters to qualify under basic password security settings.

Check out the rest of what they discovered here

[source: 2OceansVibe]

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