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The Worst Thing You’ll See Done To A Homeless Person and His Cake [Watch]

This is possibly the worst thing you'll see someone do to a homeless person and his cake today, people can be so heartless...

So a friend of mine shared a similar version of that video on Facebook last night (although more engineered to shock), and I won't lie, I was pretty shocked and appalled by it, as I'm sure you are right now. I mean, wow, that's pretty damn kak hey... so I thought ok cool, let me investigate further to do a blog post about it. Thanks to a comment on the original Facebook video I discovered that it was filmed back in 2007 by a radio DJ's from the Opie and Anthony Show.  Namely Greg "Opie Hughes (the stomper) and Anthony Cumia. What I found next is quite interesting, and a definitely lesson in why we shouldn't take things at face value as much as we do, particularly on Facebook... I mean, we've seen those hate filled, fear inducing South African right wing propaganda kak stories being shared all over the place that are either twisted truth or completely fabricated... I guess the simple rule of thumb is, if its that shocking or seems slightly too good (or bad) to be true...it probably isn't and you should maybe do a bit of investigation if you really feel that strongly about it before adding to its mountain of kak.So anyway, back to this video, I'll let Greg "Opie" Hughes tell you the full story about this video in his own words, which have been taken from the description of the original video posted here
Published on 10 Aug 2013

I completely understand that this video has made a lot of people angry and upset and I'm truly sorry. It was suppose to be just a dumb quick bit for a shock jock radio show and unfortunately it became way more than that. I absolutely took responsibility for my actions and continue to take responsibility all these years later. I made good with Andrew at the time and he continued to be part of our show as we continued broadcasting our walkover from one studio to the other.

Of course at the time (actually 2006) the company dealt with this and made sure they got the facts surrounding what went on. Yes they dealt with me at the time. Yes...I dealt with my responsibility in this. Yes, I understand how bad and wrong this looks if you only see the video clip. AND once again...YES I ABSOLUTELY MADE GOOD WITH ANDREW WAY BACK IN 20006. Yes I wouldn't do this in the year 2015.FULL STORY: Andrew was our homeless friend that we'd talk to regularly live on the radio as we walked from Krock to our XM studio. He became a pretty regular guest/friend of the show. He would set up every morning purposely on our route knowing we were coming with a whole bunch of listeners. He liked being on the radio with us and also liked that it was an opportunity to collect money from us and the fans that walked with us everyday.On this day I noticed the stale cake that Starbucks had thrown out cause the expiration date expired. Andrew got the cake out of the garbage. I decided I was going to stomp on the cake mostly because I always liked to see Anthony and Jim Norton cringe and get uncomfortable. Of course I didn't feel too good about myself afterwards cause I realized Andrew was very upset by this. I misread the reaction he would have and now wish I didn't do this. For the record I gave Andrew $100 that day for the pleasure of stomping his cake and everyone else gave him at least another $100. Shortly after the incident he was completely fine with what went down and we would continue to see him on a regular basis after this. Talking to him and putting him on the radio and of course continuing to give him money. We ended the walkover between K-Rock and XM when K-Rock gave us the boot and that ended our relationship with Andrew. Now you know the story. Of course, I don't walk around stomping on cakes of random homeless people.
I guess another truth to this whole thing is that once the internet has it, it's not gonna leave you and I'm sure Opie will be haunted by this little stunt for many many years to come.... almost 9 years so far already I guess.

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