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The Young And The Connected… A Soapie For Today

Remember those soapies that your mom used to watch religiously everyday, The Bold and The Beautiful, Days Of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, The Young and The Restless aka Rustelose Jare as it was known in SA since it was dubbed in Afrikaans...

These soapies were the reason why no matter how starving we were, dinner on the stove would only be checked during ad breaks and there was utter silence in the house during this time. The ending song for Bold and the Beautiful was your 5 minute warning siren that dinner would finally be served. Yes that was a very long time ago, when cell phones we're still breaking into the consumer market, and what was social media for that matter, since Pentium II still meant "super computer"? 

Now what I'm about to show you is what soapies would have been like in those days if we had things like 3G cellphones, FaceBook, Twitter and Foursquare... you could say this is an "up to date" soapie.

This touch of creative genius is part of an ad campaign for LG Smart Phones... "Socially Smarter"... and shit, it is frickin hilarious!

Those of you that watch my favourite channel, VIVA,  in the UK will know what I'm talking about 🙂

Here's a few sample videos to taste 🙂




Check out the rest of their vids on YouTube

Absolutely love it! Brilliance!

P.S. Maybe now all my friends on Facebook won't think I'm such a rutard when I put "Marky is... looking in the mirror" as my status... because last time I did that, no one laughed, it just went over... waaaay over 🙂 (it's in one of the videos of Blaine, you'll see)

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