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Thieves Blow Up Cash Machine… In A Petrol Station…[video]

Robbers blow up a cash point at a petrol station... it seems they probably didn't take into account the size of the blast... right next to the petrol pumps...Check this CCTV footage

So its 4am on Easter Sunday in Weyhill, Hampshire, England (don't worry, I've never heard of it either), all is pretty quiet at a Texaco petrol station, CCTV is rolling and then suddenly.... BOOM! the cash machine on the forecourt next to the petrol pumps literally explodes like something you'd normally see on a day out in Baghdad...As it turns out, some okes thought it would be a clever idea to rig one of those stand alone cash machines with explosives, obviously in order to get the cash out... although, it does seem like they got a bit more of a boom than they bargained for, as I wouldn't say its a very quick way of collecting the cash since it was blown all over the place, plus... well its Easter Sunday... most cash machines are probably running pretty low by then since they wouldn't get refilled over the four day bank holiday weekend until Tuesday... also I wonder if they noticed that the petrol pumps were rather close... lets just say it seems they got lucky...check this out...I'd say lucky in various ways since they did manage to get away with a bit of cash, however it appears that the police have released this footage to warn people from doing such things since in similar instances in Europe, the robbers have either blowing themselves to pieces or blowing the whole petrol station up... again resulting in their own demise...Not so sure if its the right thing for the police to release this footage, since I guess anybody that wanted to rob these cash machines but never thought of blowing them up... is now thinking just that... maybe footage of a whole petrol garage exploding and a death toll may have got the message across a bit better...

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