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This Guy Can Kiss His Own Ass… Seriously…

This guy is the world's most flexible man, according to the Guinness Book of World Records... and he can kiss his own ass...or balls... which ever.

Remember when you were at school, there was always some kid who had a double jointed finger or limb and would wow the kids in class time after time, year after year...yeah I had a few of those kids back in my school days. I once went to the Afrika Afrika show at the O2 in London, where I saw this oke fit through a de-strung tennis racquet, which was pretty impressive... I think they called him "The Human Spider" or something like that.

Well this oke, Daniel Browning Smith, aka Rubber Boy, took that playground party trick to a whole new level... hands down, or "lips to crack" if you may 🙂

Pretty hectic hey?... check out his website for his story http://therubberboy.com/

Stan Lee, creator of pretty much every comic book hero known to man (if you didn't know that then slap yourself 20 times in the face, maybe you'll remember) has teamed up with him to search for other "real super humans" around the globe... according to AOL

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