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duncan soden

This Guy Downs 5 Pints In Just 64 Seconds… No Lies! [video]

Rugby Player downs five pints of beer in just 64 seconds at what appears to be a fines meeting at Ellingham and Ringwood Rugby Club, England… this is the definition of legendary!

My old school friend, Gareth Williams, aka Padda posted this video a little while ago and I'm been meaning to unleash it upon all of you just to show what it takes to be a legend, because quite honestly I don't think I could make three without performing a projectile chunder stunt, let alone doing it in just over one minute….

Although I know very little about why this actually occured, from what I gather it seems like your average club Rugby fines meeting with a bit of a farewell send off. The video was no doubt filmed at Ellingham and Ringwood Rugby Club which ,looking on the map, seems like some little dodgy town between Southampton and Bournemouth.

The newly knighted chap who I've just given a PharSide Awesome Rating (P.A.R.) of 10, is none other than a guy that goes by the name of Duncan Soden, remember that name and show some respect because what you are about to see is something I know is a physical impossibility for me…


Now howz that for legendary!?! Excellent form! 5 pints in just 64 seconds…HAIBO!

Think you've got what it takes, I'd like to see you try?… so make a video and post it in the comments below, and if you can beat that time, I'll post your video… so go for it…

You see people, thats what Rugby players are made of… I'd like to see a twinkle toed football player try it… although we all know they'd fail miserably, they'd probably start washing their hair with it because they don't know you're actually supposed to drink beer :)

Have something to say about this? Tjoon it in the comments below bru!

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