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This Has Been Dubbed The Best Pole Dance EVER!

Jenyne Butterfly presents what has been marked as the best pole dancing performance ever... I'll second that..

While we're on the subject of Playmates, there's been a video that's been doing the rounds on Facebook recently that leaves you wondering, how the hell does she do that...
Well after a bit of research I guess it's all down to the fact that the best pole dance ever has been performed by the said to be, best pole dancer of all time, Jenyne Butterfly... 

Jenyne Butterfly has a unique technique and is considered the best pole dancer ever. Jenyne’s athletic performance is hardly erotic and what she can do on a pole is extremely talented as it appears she defies gravity.

As many of you may already know, pole dancing over the years has moved on and broadened itself from the confines of the local strip joint, to actually becoming a rather well-known sport. These days women all over the world are joining the craze and taking pole dancing classes since it's a great form of exercise that demands a lot of strength and conditioning... and if this video as anything to go by, you'll see exactly what I mean...

Check how Jenyne Butterfly performs acts defying gravity that would be seem a physical impossibility... prepare to be amazed... this chicks got talent! 🙂

The showcase of the STARS - Jenyne Butterfly at Pole Pressure 2011


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