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This Is Why Suburban Bar Is One Of The Best Bars You’ll Ever Visit…

It's no doubt that Suburban Bar and Lounge in Wimbledon is one of the best bars in Wimbledon... but what separates Suburban from the rest of the bars in London... the UK... the world... THE UNIVERSE?

Suburban BarSuburban has for a long time now been my local, it's certainly no secret... and its not just because they created an unbelievably tasty cocktail and named it after this pretty awesome blog called PharSide, being none other than "The PharSider", which even makes some serious impressions with official judges at Cocktail Competitions mind you, but its because once you start going to Suburban, you just can't leave... its "mystical vibe" just sucks you right in and keeps you coming back week after week. There's many aspects of Suburban that formulate into the perfect concoction for a brilliant evening. You won't find friendlier bar staff who have been through a rigorous 12 week training regime that would quite honestly bring a Navy Seal to his knees begging for mercy... yes, try learning every aspect of 200 cocktails and even be able to tell where the ingredients come from... not something I would dream of attempting, but hey, you want to be a Suburban Cocktail Barman? you've got to earn the title, there's no shortcuts. The cocktails themselves are made using the best top quality fresh ingredients which are sometimes sourced from different countries around the world to give them authenticity and taste. Many of the cocktails have been developed through Michael Byrne's personal travels around the world (believe it or not, he actually worked in a few cocktail bars in Cape Town for a year during his travels) so when it comes to his cocktails, Mikey doesn't cut any corners whatsoever, and coupled with his perfectionist ways, you know you are without a doubt, constantly getting the best cocktails served in London. The people that frequent the bar are the perfect blend of cultures, (including a huge Saffa crowd) from around the world, its not often that you frequent a bar that has the happiest patrons who just seem to always have a smile on their face, you might actually find it quite strange being there and experiencing the vibe, because you just don't get that very often at all, its the perfect crowd...see what mean now about that perfect mix to create a brilliant night.. I guess its no surprise that 8 years after Suburban first opened its doors, its still going strong and become what many may call Wimbledon institution.Now just recently Suburban Bar released a few promo videos for the bar, promoting the bar, their cocktails, Jam Night, Sunday Acoustic Sessions... I tell you what, I'll shut up and let the videos speak for themselves... oh and check who makes a cameo appearance in this first video for Jam Night 🙂So next time you're in the area...lets just say you haven't been to Wimbledon unless you've had a cocktail at Suburban Bar and Lounge... Even better if its a PharSider 🙂 ...and they say Wimbledon is famous for a few people who meet once a year to have a little tennis match or two... ha! 🙂So I guess you're going to need the address then... check out the Suburban Bar and Lounge Facebook Page for detailsWIN A £100 BAR TAB AT SUBURBAN BAR:Suburban Bar are offering a £100 bar tab for you and your mates...All you need to do is comment below with the following words: "I want that £100 flipping bar tab!"A draw will take place this Friday, just in time for the weekend!(£100 bar tab excludes promotions eg. happy hour, and can be used on any night of your choice, but for one night, naturally you need to be over 18 to enter)  

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