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Today is Braai4Heritage Day!!!

Right gang! For all of us in the UK it's time to officially whip out those braai's one last time before the approaching winter sets in… it's Braai4Heritage Day!

That's right, if you're wondering why all your SA buddies are not on FaceBook today, it's because they're all outside doing what you should do the minute you get home this evening… and that is having a lekker braai! That's because it's Heritage Day in South Africa otherwise known as National Braai Day, Shaka Zulu Day or as it's now known, Braai4Heritage Day… well will they stick with one name? :) But yes, all our Saffa buddies over in SA are enjoying a kiff public holiday in the sun gooing a juicy steak along with a lekker stukkie wors on the fire to celebrate our heritage, because thats how we roll!

Check out this short message from my main man, Archbishop Desmond Tutu…

I dig that, "The celebration of the nation", Desmond Tutu busting the rhymes :) 

So when you get home this evening, release your inner Saffaness and get the fire going, okes cook the meat and chicks do the salad, it's that simple :)

But remember your braai etiquette :)

Now remember while you're sinking your teeth into that succulent juicy steak, think of me… I won't be enjoying the priviledge, although I will be enjoying a Klippies and coke at 35 000 feet… Africa bound :)

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