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16th December - Worst day of the year to have a birthday

Today Is The Worst Day Of The Year To Have a Birthday

No jokes, today, the 16th December, is statistically the worst day of the year to have a birthday...here's why

If you've ever wondered for whatever obscure reason, what the worst day of the year to have a birthday on, well its today... the 16th December.Apparently it's almost impossible to organise a party due to everyone generally being way to busy with constant Christmas Parties, usual silly season shenanigans, people going on holiday. People have claimed that it's such a bad day that their birthdays sometimes get completely overlooked. If that wasn't bad enough, if you are lucky enough to actually get a separate gift from a friend or family that's not noticeably cheaped out (so they can get you a Christmas gift aswell), a study done by International Florist, Interflora says that 27% of people (out of a study of 2000) said that they received their birthday gift wrapped in Christmas decorated wrapping paper... HAIBO! Shame! (saying that, I have a funny feeling I think I may be guilty of doing that somewhere along the line... sorry 🙂 )I guess at least for South African 16 December Birthday people that are actually in South Africa, your birthday is always a public holiday which may help just a tad.But for those in the UK, it must be quite kak since its miserable, cold and wet, you're about 10 hangovers down in a row from endless work and social Christmas parties, and so many of your Saffa mates are on holiday in SA posting pics of themselves on various beaches around the country, driving golf carts etc... and there you are stuck in London...eish...and you probably can't even take the day off work because everyone else is already on holiday... shame man!So if you don't do it every day, take a glance over to your birthdays on Facebook today and wish a poor friend that potentially drew the short straw of days to be born on and do a little something extra for them...like maybe at least mentioning their name in their birthday wish or something... other than the bog standard... "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Happy".And just so you know... 28 July is apparently the BEST day of the year to have a birthday.... Strangely enough...I have a few very good mates born on that day...hmmm.So don't forget to Share this post with your mates... Help 16 December babies out there feel the love today... 🙂 
[source: The Independent]

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