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Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe
Real Amatuer Footage of The Tokoloshe

Tokoloshe On The News… Brought to You By Tivvit.com [videos]

Remember the Real Amateur of On The News… there’s more to it…

Last week the interwebs went a bit bosies with footage that I posted of The Tokoloshe On The News… it was nothing but hilariousness how the oke described his encounter with the Tokoloshe… not to mention the descriptive sounds he made that literally had me in stitches (I burst into a fit of laughter when he made the cat sound… no lies) Meow! and of course the Woooooo! Woooo!

Now I can tell you, Tokoloshe On The News was the product of a viral for an exciting new BOSS property search website called TIVVIT.COM

When you really need to find a new place… buy or rent on SA’s property oracle… Tivvit.com

Check out the full Tokoloshe now! You’ve gotta love SA 🙂

Now if that wasn’t enough…

have launched these ads that will be gracing TV Screens in SA from today… you’re gonna schmaak these…

The Bride, Groom and THAT Roommate… trust me… we’ve all been here… meh!

The neighbour’s new pet… check the look on this oke face! haha 🙂

Living Next To A Nuclear Power Plant Coffee Ad

One thing is for sure… that Tivvit.com tune is definitely going to stick… in your mind… FOREVER AND EVER 🙂

SA certainly does have the best ads thats for sure 🙂

Pretty schweet tool for those in the UK thinking of heading back… you can scope out places and get a feel for what your Rand is gonna get you… before you even make a trip 🙂


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