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Shame :)

Top Gear: Host Chris Evans Is Suffering From Car Sickness During Filming

It seems Top Gear are running into an ever growing list of issues whilst trying to film new episodes in Post-Clarkson Era Top Gear... this one is obviously a bit of a bad one...

Pictures have emerged of new Top Gear presenter, Chris Evans assuming the position and chundering on the side a race track in Monterey, California whilst filming the new series of Top Gear... which they are hoping to get out the door in May this year.Apparently Evans was being driven around the track in a V10 Audi R8 by his co-presenter who also just happens to be a german racing driver, Sabine Schmitz.After winding the car around the track like a mamba, she had to drop anchors bringing the car to a very sudden halt so that the poor soul could hop out and blow a few chunks....shame the poor thing 🙂Now it is possible that it wasn't caused by the actual driving and may very well be a bad case of being ill or very hungover which being thrown around like a rag doll in a cab would only act as a major catalyst... how I know this... Well, I personally did it to a mate once when I took his car for a test drive, poor bugger almost chundered all over his new car haha 🙂
Shame :)

Shame 🙂


He should be glad thats, not a full face helmet 🙂


I guess you can see who's the man and woman in this relationship 🙂

There have been other teething problems such as the one about him not being able to present and drive at the same time (his has since been confirmed by Top Gear as untrue) and there is another rumour that the show is having difficulties booking high profile guests.Apparently a source has said, “It would be unfair to expect him to be perfect right from the word ‘Go’...."But I think common sense would beg the question... how on earth could someone who gets car sick present a high-speed high revving show like Top Gear?...You can only think Clarkson pretty much doing this right now hahaha 🙂clarksonlaughing

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